Falling for your best friend
Illuminati sketch. Going on my back next week! ;)

Illuminati sketch. Going on my back next week! ;)

The kiss that started it all

I guess you could say I’m one of the fortunate ones who fall into this situation. It all started this year when I met this guy in my english class, Jordan. Jordan and I started talking and since we had so much in common we became close within a blink of an eye. As I started to date people and he did as well we would always go to eachother and tell one another what was happen, whether it was good or bad. Then when he was dating one of my best friends we started flirting, besides the fact we both were in relationships. This flirting then led to a kiss. A kiss i will never forget. A kiss where all you could feel was passion and pure emotions. It was then we realized we werent with the right people. We then broke up with our boyfriend/girlfriend. The flirting continued and he asked me out the other day. needless to say i was overjoyed but did not respond with a yes. I told  him that I needed time to think. Was this going to ruin a great friendship? after much thought and many sleepless nights I discovered how much I truely love this kid! He is all I think and talk about. Theres always that feeling of wanting to be together all the time because all he does is make me smile uncontrollably and laugh till i cry! So today I said yes and there is nothing better than being in love with your best friend. Hands down my best decision yet. I couldnt be happier!(:

Thanks for listening. I hope this inspires you to take a risk and see how it plays out! Who knows unless you try!

AdminReply —-  You too should be together. Good luck!

This year around February, I fell for my best girl friend. I realized this when I saw a valentines picture of them together and I felt heartbroken. I told her around April or May. She said it wouldn't change anything between our friendship. Later on as months past by, I noticed we weren't as close as before. And just recently, I told her that I loved her. She dating one of my good friends and it burns a hole through my heart knowing that I fell for her. I never wanted to.

Let her go q

falling in love with my best friend .

i fell for my guy best friend, we have been friends for 4-5 years now and i had never felt this way about him before. i finally got up the courage to tell him how i felt about him and thought maybe he had the same feelings for me because it had seemed like he was becomeing a little more flirty than usual. right before i was about to tell him how i felt he told me he had something to tell me… my heart beat a little faster and i thought maybe just maybe we could be on the same page and he was admitting that he had feelings for me right before i had to but i was wrong. he was telling me that he had feelings for our other best friend, and he wanted my help on how to tell her. at that moment i think my heart shattered in a million pieces… i didnt know what to do with myself. i finally told him how i felt maybe a month or two later and he was still into her. shes not into him and i cant get myself to move on from him. the worst feeling in the world is knowing i can never make him feel the way she does. and im going to have to watch him be in relationship after relationship. thankfully i still have him as my best friend though. i really dont know what i would do if me telling him had pushed him away. i know you wanted to hear everyones story, well theres mine… 

AdminReply— Your situation is harder than most people I’ve worked with but I CAN help you. If you really love him; you’ll let him learn the hard way that she doesn’t like him the way you do. Let him learn and you can do what feels right to you afterwards.

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When there’s love, life is there also.
Why fall in love with a friend?

Answer is you know them personally! It’s never intentional but it happens. Don’t feel bad because it’s normal. The issue we face is risking our friendship for something more. Remember to be honest and let them know.and respect their verdict.

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